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Post Covid-19

Post Pandemic SOP at Hotel Krishna

The unfortunate intrusion of Covid-19 virus in our lives has created chaos, death and economic impediments all over the globe. The pandemic has resulted in loss of lives, business and jobs. It has been an economic disaster that has hit one and all.

Economic activities cannot be in a state of perpetual lockdown in order for us to survive. Hence the life and activities must go on. Always conscious of guest safety and protection due to coronavirus pandemic we are inducting norms and procedures post Covid -19 some as suggestions by industry experts.

New Normal - Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

At Hotel Krishna we are following best suited standard operating procedures and norms in order to keep our guests safe and sound during their holiday at Jabalpur.

A Silent Namaste! Elevated Guest Protection

In order to alleviate guest safety and health concerns we are inducting some changes in management practices at Hotel Krishna.

We have inducted thermal scanner in order to keep check every day. On arrival the guests will be subjected to thermal scanning and their luggage will be sanitized using a disinfectants. Hand wash using sanitizer is a standard practice everywhere which we will follow as well.

Standard Operating Procedure and Norms-Intense Hygiene

In order to prevent exposure to germs, coronavirus our staff will be in gloves and masks throughout their duty hours in the property. We hope the guests will also carry masks and gloves during their travel.

We will keep bare minimum toiletries and accessories in the room since they will have to be disposed off post departure. If you need accessories that we provide please request for them.

Bed accessories will be subject to frequent wash using disinfectants. As a safety concern we will frequently disinfect the rooms and points of contact. Post departure all accessories and business desk amenities will be changed to new. Please minimize surface contact we will be sanitizing telecoms, switches and all room accessories.

Meals would be served to a group or guests travelling together on separate tables placed at a safe distance. Table linens and chair covers would be sanitized post meals. No buffet meals will be served.

As a norm all groceries and edibles will be used after a period of twenty four hours from the time of purchase. Guest will be served mineral water or filtered water the latter on request.

Strict hygiene is followed in our kitchen and dining and from now on we will be screening all our staff on regular basis. Utensils as a matter of practice are cleaned using chemicals with disinfectant properties. The staff clothing and table ware will be subject to intense sanitization before putting them into service.

Due to non availability of land line we would prefer complete online payments as card facility is not available. We will minimize the use of paper money.

Sanitization of property as whole is conducted routinely as a matter of hygiene.

We will not be accepting large groups for get-togethers, conference and parties. Hence please keep group small.